How humility defines the All Blacks winning culture

The value of ‘sweep the sheds’ might seem a small detail when it comes to defining a culture, but it speaks to the importance of no player being bigger than the jersey.

“While the country is still watching replays and schoolkids lie in bed dreaming of All Blacks’ glory, the All Blacks themselves are tidying up after themselves”

It is a defining expression of how the All Blacks focus on removing vanity and ego from their team, most vividly framed in their ‘no dickheads’ maxim. As they say, ‘better people make better All Blacks’.

Humility also is an access point to questioning everything that has come before. Humility says none of us have all the answers, we all have the right to question ‘can we be better?’

What other examples have you witnessed of firms (or teams) challenging humility in this way?